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What a wonderful read!

I haven’t been here too long but the experience has been wonderful and I’m so honored that I got to share it with you and the other mods. I love this show so much and I feel dumb for not finding the group earlier.

Sure there have been some frustrating times, but that’s bound to happen. I feel overwhelmingly positive about my experience here as a whole. Just today we had a comment from someone who really appreciated the group and the mods, and just being able to communicate with like-minded folk…and it brought me back to my first post…(which was not too long ago!) that pretty much said that same thing; I was so happy to be in a place where I felt I belonged. It can mean a lot to someone who never seems to fit in anywhere.

Thank you so much for your contributions to this wonderful community. It’s been such an honor working with you.


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Rereading this now after accruing more admin experience and it's so right on. Things quieted down a lot after the show ended in August 2022. There was still a lot of discussion about the finale but members quietly started leaving the group. Things would heat up again any time there were awards given out. BCS has been consistently & unjustly ignored & there was a lot of outrage.

We are now at 62k members, with 3 equal admins; Michael, Aliza, & I have chosen to stay. The biggest struggle now, at least for me, is trying to keep the focus on Saul when many members now want to share Breaking Bad posts that are not directly related to BCS. Of course there is overlap, but we don't need the "Skyler is a bitch" discussions. I even added "Skyler" as a key word to be flagged. Perhaps we should also add "SkylAr" since so many people misspell it...

There are still creative ways to keep the Group going & we're doing our best to take care of Garth's legacy. It IS still all good, man.

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